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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

God's Rejection of Gender Blending

Dt. 22:5 The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.

On the surface this particular verse in the Bible looks to be talking only about clothing. But it doesn't take much thinking and contemplation to understand it's a reference to a male trying to act like he's a female, and a female trying to act like she's a male. The clothing is simply an outward display of that inward rebellion.

The CEV refers to the same verse saying women shouldn't pretend to be men and men shouldn't pretend to be women. That captures the essence and full meaning of the verse.

Almost the entirety of the feminist movement has morphed into an attempt to make men and women the same. Among a growing number of younger people this is being rejected, as the differences are so obvious and real, it takes someone allowing themselves to enter a state of  rejecting reality, to embrace this deception.

Why such a hatred of the differences between men and women? It's a hatred of the image of God. God created men and women, and together they were his image. To blend them into a genderless pairing makes the image of God distorted. As a matter of fact it is no longer the image of God, but a monstrous caricature of humanity.

It's the reason men and women of God must not dress in any way that suggests there is no difference between the genders.

The culmination of this abomination is to put on the clothing of and take on the mannerisms of the opposite sex. God hates this, and the people of God are forbidden to take on these practices, being told to cast that person out from their midst.

There is to be no tolerance or acceptance of this among God's people. It goes beyond just personal tastes, it is a major part of why the foundation of Western civilization, which was influenced heavily by Christians and the Holy Scriptures, is crumbling before our eyes.

Feminism must be rejected in its totality. As usual, there are some well-meaning but confused Christians who'll point to some part of feminism they believe has helped improve societal conditions for women. They're wrong, but that argument itself is a deception because God hates mixture, and to accept the entirety of any ideology based upon a portion that may be considered helpful, is to accept it all. Like with the Bible, you can't pick and choose what you like and disregard the rest. It comes as a whole package.

The bottom line is men and women must completely reject any attempt to make it look like they are the same in any way, shape or form. I'm not only talking about obvious physical differences, but the entirety of our human makeup. Together we represent the image of God because of the fact we represent two different aspects of His image. To take one away is to eliminate the image of God, and that is a direct attack on who He is and what He represents.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Maintaining and Expanding Christian Culture

To win the culture war we must provide answers and alternatives in all areas of life

Western culture has been rapidly fading, as the influence of Christianity, which it was once built upon, has waned, with many Christians, instead of being salt and light to the culture, have instead absorbed the values and lifestyles of the corrupt, humanistic, so-called post-modern culture.

In place of a vibrant local community, living life on the basis of God's revealed will in the Bible, many Christians, if they even are truly saved, have become inert in their souls, and weaned from desire for obedience to Christ. There are even those using the name of Jesus, going so far as to tell those professing Christ to avoid those who say they live their lives according to the Holy Scriptures.

In the midst of this insanity, there are a growing number of true and faithful believers adhering to the requirements given by God, and are working on ways to not only resist the prevailing cultural influences, but abandon the means and methods used to destroy the faith of their children, in order to win the war for the future of planet earth.

With God, Gold, Guns and Girls, we'll look at the teaching of the Bible concerning a variety of topics that have been undermined by the enemies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, including Jesus as Lord and King; the promised expansion of His kingdom on earth; blessings on the nations and people who make the Lord their God; many areas of economics, business and finance; spiritual warfare and self-defense; and the many ways to understand and resist the evil attempt to make men and women genderless, which has created extraordinary confusion and destruction in young people taught they it's a choice they make, and not how they were born.

We must first defend, then expand the kingdom

The first step we all need to take is to embrace a defensive position, meaning looking at way to eliminate, or at least reduce the influence of the many institutional and media outlets designed for the purpose of stealing the souls of our children and grandchildren.

After all, what's the point of going on the offensive if we aren't first protecting out own house; I mean families here, but also the church. We must take defensive positions to preserve the ways of the Lord for our families, while looking at ways to go on the offensive in the attitude of not giving any quarter to the enemy.

We are past the time of "conversation" and playing nice. That doesn't mean there isn't a time to be patient and kind. Rather, the progressives or social justice warriors are intent on forcing Christians to compromise their faith using manipulation tactics and buzzwords like intolerance, homophobia, fascists, and other terms to intimidate and shut God's people up.

There is no honor or honesty with these people. They're only temporarily and outwardly compliant until they gain an entry into your circle of friends, church, work place, business or local political party, and from there work at destroying almost everything from within, turning it into another liberal enclave, using terminology to confuse those who aren't trained to discern the ideology seething under the surface.

This isn't another rant blog or website though. Here we'll look at ways to identify and combat these forces, and provide a number of case studies in how believers have come together locally to battle against this rising tide of opposition to Jesus Christ and His people.

We are the counter culture

We are now the counter culture, and we need to take that position seriously, and use the tools at our disposal to tear that which is contrary to the revealed will of God as written in the Holy Scriptures, while experimenting with a variety of ways to live out that obedience, showing a better way for those with no other god but political power and control.

Back when the Roman empire was falling, the church of that day took over the corrupt empire, becoming tyrannical in the process, as it basically stamped the name of God on much that was being done.

Instead, it should have worked to undermine the empire, and when it collapsed, should not have went in and taken it over, but provided an alternative way of life and governance that would be representative of the kingdom of God as expressed in heaven.

We're going to do our best at 'God, Gold, Guns and Girls' to do just that.

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