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Monday, April 4, 2016

Abortion: None Dare Call It Murder

Pro-life "leadership" has lost its way

When listening to an interview of the VP of National Right to Life Tony Launder, it confirmed what has been becoming increasingly obvious: the so-called pro-life movement is in deep trouble, as he refused to call abortion exactly what it is: murder.

It may seem shocking to some at first, but in reality, this has become representative of the pro-life movement specifically, and confessing Christians in general.

Here's what interviewer Jeff Durbin concluded afterwards:

Our interview with the Vice-president of National Right to Life revealed that 1) He was unwilling to call it murder, 2) He has no plans on fighting for legislation that would call it murder, 3) He explicitly said that we should not use distinctly Christian language nor should we say 'repent and believe' in the fight, and 4) He is unwilling to agree with legislation that would end the slaughter of babies today if there is a risk that the higher courts will have a different opinion and attempt to strike it down.

In other words, this "sweet" man, as Durbin called him, says he wants to stop abortion, but refuses to identify it as murder. If it isn't murder, why should it be stopped then? What is it if it isn't murder? The obvious reason he was cowardly in not identifying it as murder is it would invoke the idea of legal repercussions for those engaging in the act. That doesn't fit into the effeminate Christianity dominating the U.S. landscape.

It's more important for people to talk nice when addressing issues than strongly calling it like it is. 

Sadly, many are also embracing the idea of being called a "bully" or the usual Hitler taunt as representative of reality, when usually it's being used to silence the truth. Not only are evangelicals afraid to speak the truth, they've been conned and manipulated into believing their foes in regard to what is permissible to believe or say, and how it is allowed to be spoken, if it is spoken at all.

If you have a hard time believing some of this, think of a little while back when Donald Trump said women should be punished for murdering their children. It wasn't only the liberals that attacked Trump, but many vocal leaders in the fading pro-life movement as well.

That's not to say we shouldn't do everything we can to save babies now, but the end goal should be to once again criminalize abortion and call it the murderous act it is, including the appropriate punishments.

The arguments about women not being held accountable for their murderous sins are anemic. It's like someone hiring a hit man and the person hiring them weren't murderers because they didn't pull the trigger. I've seen these types of arguments all over the place, where people are arguing because the woman didn't perform the abortion itself, she wasn't guilty of murder. How would that be different than a woman bringing a toddler to someone to have killed, while she didn't lift a hand to participate in the act? Does that make her innocent of the crime? Of course not!

For now we should continue to do everything we can to save unborn children, and work toward criminalizing the action and punishing the abortion providers.  Murdering children is the worst kind of child abuse there can be. Look at the mangled bodies of the murdered children if your sensibilities are offended by these statements.  

Church leaders need to speak out against the murder of innocent children, calling it exactly what it is. If that doesn't happen, then ministries outside of the Church will have to take up the challenge, as should individual Christians. Unless we do, the infanticide holocaust will continue.

Amazingly, the "nice" Mr. Lauinger was one of the most vocal opponents to a recent piece of legislation in Oklahoma which would have defined abortion as murder and make those performing the abortion punishable for their actions.

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