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Friday, January 1, 2016

Make it Happen Men of God

A lot of Christian men have fallen into a weakened state because of the hatred feminists have for men in general, and along with their ideological allies - including the media and public school indoctrination centers - have attempted to beat us down into a place of grovelling, insecurity and defeat.

The implication is if we don't grovel, we are being intolerant of their psychotic views, and that makes it even worse for us than the average male, who have succumbed to their bullying tactics.

We must take on the attitude of "I don't care," and instead of trying to be nice and subdued, reject the idea of arguing with or trying to convince these types of people any more. They aren't interested in truth, they are only interested in forcing us to submit to their evil thoughts and actions. They want to destroy men - especially Christian men - who are the last bulwark left standing that can resist this evil and drive it back to the dark abyss it came from.

How Christian men need to react to this reality is to resist the temptation to accommodate these people are try to understand their point of view. There is no understanding it. It's spiritually broken. It's insanity. Read or listen to almost anything these people say and you'll quickly find there's no contact point with them.

Don't waste your time trying to build bridges, instead burn them down. We have no connection with the social justice warriors whose purpose is to tear down everything good and decent in this world and replace it with corruption. If we allow them, they'll force it upon us. I, for one, will not allow that to happen with myself or my family.

I've found the best thing to do is to most ignore what they say, and instead start to build things that replace the decaying civilization they represent; a civilization based upon their father the devil.

That's the main strategy for Christian men to embrace. Everything has been talked to death while our enemies are not only at the gate, but have entered into our midst through cunning and lies, making it appear they want to be reasonable, only to the time they gain control over the institutions that in the U.S., were built on Biblical principles.

Being the liars they always have been, they even attempt to confuse there and make it appear American history had little influence from Christians and Jesus Christ.

For that and many other reasons, it's better to start to make things happen and ignore their rantings and assertions. If we don't become men of action, we'll find ourselves completely overwhelmed by an enemy culture that has nothing less than its goal of eradicating the person of Jesus Christ from the public eye. That means the destruction of the true followers of Jesus Christ, who are His representatives on the earth.

We don't have to allow that to happen, and we shouldn't and won't. Now is the time to start making things happen. Now is the time to be doers and not hearers of the Word. Now is the time to engage in warfare at many different levels, while at the same time building an alternative civilization that shines as a light in the growing darkness.

The darkness can never overcome the children of light, and if men of God rise up and take action, we'll see that light once again shine in America, and around the world.

What we must do is take inventory of who we are and what our callings are, and pursue and expand them to the glory of God. We will work on permeating every nook and cranny of this world with the presence of God as worked in and through us, driving out the darkness along the way.

It has to start with us Christian men first, getting our own lives in obedience to His revealed word, and from there we will teach it to our children. We will be examples of who Jesus Christ is, and help them to develop their own callings before Him in order to do their part to subdue the earth, which is a major part of the callings of the followers of Jesus Christ.

Whether it's in outdoor sports, the arts, media, writing, business, at our jobs, raising our children, or numerous other segments of life, we will take dominion over them in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. The alternative will see the world fall to such despair and evil that it will consume itself, and many of us and our families if we don't rise up against it.

Push back against evil

Most of this will be done at the local level, although some of us will be called to take a more public stand against evil. Either way it doesn't matter. The lasting value will be primarily what we do locally in small areas of influence, with the combined power of the people of God, led by men of God, pushing back against the evil threatening to engulf us.

Look at what you're interested in and good at, and become an expert in that area, offering service in whatever capacity you have and are able to.

We're past the stage of talking and thinking and need to start taking action. Jesus Christ is with us, as He promised, unto the end of the age, and we can walk and make war against the world and spiritual darkness, knowing we will win in this age, and the age to come.

I'm not necessarily talking about some drastic and dramatic life change here, although for some that will be the case. It's more important that millions of Christian men start leading again all over America and the world, exercising authority and being faithful service in whatever area of life he has called us to be.
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