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Saturday, February 13, 2016

God's Kingdom: Turning the Tide on Planet Earth

Throughout the Scriptures it is revealed time and time again that the kingdom of God is to be expressed on this earth. There is no doubt when God created the heavens and earth, the ultimate goal was for His kingdom and will to be expressed in both environments. It starts first in the heavenlies and is meant to be expressed visibly on earth. For that reason Jesus taught us to pray for His Kingdom to come and will be done on earth as it is in heaven. He wouldn't have revealed to us to pray for in specific order if heaven wasn't fully representative of who He was and what He purposed for it. Otherwise we would be praying for something not of God to come to earth. We already have enough of that.

We are to take dominion and subdue the earth as God commanded Adam to do long ago. That requirement has never changed, and to this day we're to engage in actions that will bring it under the headship of Jesus Christ. It will be done according to His will as revealed in the Bible. The work on earth will never be fully perfected as He wants it, but over time it'll take on more of His characteristics as the kingdom of darkness is gradually pushed back and the kingdom of light is manifested more and more.

That is done in an ethical way, by which I mean as we His people better understand what His laws require of us,  we can apply them to every area of life; including education, science, the arts, business, entertainment, politics, the church, family and individually, among many other areas of interest we engage in.

What we as the people of God in Jesus Christ must do is start to believe God has called us to this task. We need to forget about escapism and start becoming excellent in various aspects of life and serve in them, becoming the salt and light of the earth we're called to be.

Contrary to the endless false predictions of the soon return of Jesus, life continues to go on. We must embrace the strong possibility Jesus may not return for many years into the future. Only when we consider that will we start to use the time we're given on the earth to glorify God in the tasks He's given us to accomplish.

It may seem just about everything to do in life has someone doing it well, but the truth is there are so many opportunities to serve it boggles the mind if you research it. 

After so many believers have said for a long time God and the Bible has answers to all of life, when we're pressed on the issue in specific areas, we area continually frustrated when we realize we've done very little to dig deeper into the Scriptures to find out how they can be applied successfully. Most Christians don't really believe the Bible has the answers; they are thinking very specifically of initial salvation and going to heaven after we die, or get taken up at the last day by the resurrection, with most looking for it to happen in their lifetimes so they don't have to experience physical death.

There is much more to salvation than being born again. From there we are supposed to be conformed to the image of Christ over time, with that image including taking dominion in this world. That is done, as mentioned earlier, by offering service in our chosen fields, including raising children in the home. We are to do it with the goal of becoming experts in our specific tasks to the glory of God.
It of course starts with individual transformation, but that transformation is to expand and grow, not only in our personal life, but every part of life we touch and engage in. 

When God's people become experts and operate in terms of absolute integrity, the change in this world will be extraordinary. We should accept nothing less than this as our purpose on the earth, as we reflect the image of God in the works of our hands, showing forth outwardly and visible the work within us.

This is what will turn the tide, when the kingdom of God is more than an invisible, heavenly place, but an expression of that invisible kingdom seen on the earth.

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