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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Christians Have the Right and Responsibility to Defend Themselves Against Crime and Criminals


Ex 22:2

 “If a thief is found breaking in and is struck so that he dies, there shall be no bloodguilt for him.”  

It's a strange and unbiblical assertion to make when people declare there is no justification for guns and self defense for Christians or others.

Not only is it not true, it conflicts with numerous parts of the Bible, including the Old and New Testaments.

Listed above in Exodus 22:2, is a law that is still relevant for modern times, and for all time until Jesus returns and resurrects us. There is to be no guilt placed upon anyone that defends themselves from someone breaking into their home. Not only does it say that, but it identifies the one breaking in as a thief, a relative low-level criminal when compared to rapists or murderers. But even at that level, to violate the boundaries of a home can be punishable by death by those threatened by the thief or anyone else up to no good.

No law should ever be made against those placed in that position.

We should defend ourselves by any means necessary!

This is an interesting revelation from God in that the crime in this case is more severe if the owners of the home defend themselves. If a thief is caught they have to restore what they took from the owners and more to compensate for the crime.

It reminds me of when my house was broken into years ago and my son was in his room at the time. The people who did it were caught, and they faced a more severe penalty because of what was called the "fear" or "terror" factor, meaning there was someone in the house at the time of it being broken into.

That appears to be similar to what is going on here. A person has no idea what a person is doing in their home. It could be for nothing more than taking stuff, but it could be worse. I believe the term thief above is used generically for anyone breaking into a home for any purpose. There is no way for the

There is no uncertainty concerning God has given us total permission to defend ourselves to any degree we choose to under this unknown threat. It can't be any clearer than this scripture says.

It's irrelevant what the method of self-defense is. In most cases a gun is the best defense because it has the best chance of dealing quickly and effectively with someone that is a danger to ourselves or our families.

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