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Thursday, November 5, 2015

God, Men, and Masculinity

There's been an evil traversing the earth over the last several decades, one that is attempting to emasculate men and press them to act, think and be more like women.

The error of feminism and its radical agenda are the source behind this, as jealous and deceived women attempt to destroy the masculine image of God in Christian males.

When you go to the Scriptures and read about God not allowing men to wear women's clothing or women to wear men's clothing, the point behind it went beyond clothing. What God was communicating is men were to be masculine and women were to be feminine.

Now that rebellious feminist men and women have rejected God's word, the increasingly bizarre idea and practice of men and women becoming more like one another has brought about not just the obvious gay and lesbian lifestyle, but has prompted an increasing number of men and women to act as if they're opposite of what they were biologically born as, i.e., transgender.

Men and women are to embrace the gender they're born into

Men are not to take on the characteristics of a woman; it's confusion and an abomination in the eyes of God. It takes away from the purpose of God in the life of a man. The same with a woman. They are meant to be feminine and not manly. Those attempting to dominate and take authority over men are out of order, as the scriptures teach concerning women not being allowed to teach or exercise authority over a man.

What we as Christian men need to do is ignore those that attempt to emasculate us, and start to embrace our manhood given to us by God. Women need to do the same thing as women.

Enough of this sin of distorted confusion where many men are afraid to act like men. Feminine women are also pressured into denying their femininity in the name of false egalitarianism, which is a front for many women who hate men to try to act and behave as if they're superior to men.

There is a growing backlash against this, and though it will take time, we need to see men being masculine and women being feminine, as that's what represents the image of God in this earth, as evidenced by the Scriptures telling us that God created men and women, and together they revealed what He was like.

It wasn't a woman acting like a man or a man acting like a woman that expressed God's image, but each one embracing who and what they were born as and not trying to reject that reality.

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