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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

We are Responsible for Educating our Children

One area of life we have freedom to make big changes in as Christians is in regard to the education of our children, which Christian parents are responsible for. This is a least true in the United States where I live.

But no matter where a believer in Jesus Christ lives, parents are responsible for raising their children up in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

For that reason we need to take that responsibility seriously, and need to remove our children from the public school system if they're already in it, and never allow them to enter into it if they aren't old enough.

The reason for that, beyond it being our responsibility as parents, is public education teaches an ideology alien and foreign to the beliefs of a Christian, and part of the curriculum is designed to destroy the faith of our children.

Not only that, it directly teaches them to sin against God, with their being no absolutes other than that truth embraced by each individual. Truth to them isn't based upon the revelation of Jesus Christ in the scriptures, it's based upon what they decide it is.

To send our children to public schools is to toss the dice as to their future on this earth, and where and how they'll spend eternity. The stakes are high.

with Grandchildren - life is good

This doesn't necessarily mean children have to be home schooled, as many have chosen to do, it could also mean placing them in a Christian school you trust, or if you can afford it, have them tutored part time. I say part time because most children learning outside public education do as much in a few hours as their counterparts do in an entire day - in many cases more. There should also be time for children to pursue areas of interest to them which would be a form of learning (for example art), but not something they would necessarily consider being part of school.

It sometimes boggles my mind that Christian parents don't understand what their children are up against when sent to public education indoctrination centers, because that is in fact exactly what they are.

Always keep in mind there is no such thing as neutrality in this world, and that is especially true in public schools, where learning is self-consciously anti-Biblical and anti-Christian.

Many Christians look to the future with fear, hoping for a better world for their children and grandchildren. The first and most important step is to be sure the future will be populated with children trained to deeply respect God and obey His laws and commands as revealed in the Holy Scriptures. That will never be done in government schools.

Part of our job is to take a defensive position with our families, ensuring they have the best environment to learn about Jesus Christ and how to live a live pleasing to Him. From there we can look at ways to be more offensive.

To go on the offense without solid defensive measures in place for our children, means we risk losing our own family while possibly reaching out to help others. It makes no sense.

Don't be afraid concerning educating your own children. There are numerous places to look for materials you support, and those in my family and extended family that are being trained outside the public school system are not only far beyond the standards of those schools (as measured by their own tests), but also are morally upright and learning about God in a way that will help them to defend and preserve their faith in times of trial.

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