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Friday, November 13, 2015

Jesus is Lord in All Areas of Life

For a variety of reasons Christians are either not aware of, or in resistance to, the idea that God, through the Holy Scriptures, has revealed His will in regard to all areas of life.

Another way of putting this would be to ask ourselves the question on whether or not God has given instructions on how we are to interact with one another in all of our activities.

This would include family, raising children, work, business, politics, education, entertainment, abortion, and a plethora of other areas of interest we pursue.

In other words, either Jesus is Lord of all our lives or He isn't. We can't simply pick and choose what we like and disregard the rest concerning His revealed will in the Bible; at least not if we truly love Him.

Love has nothing to do with sentimentality, which can be fickle and carnal. Love has to do with obedience. Jesus said that if we love Him we will keep His commandments. Love is obedience, and what we are to obey is revealed in His Word.

This is far from drudgery, rather it's a guide to how we are to apply the truths of God to all areas of life, which when we do, can have surprising results, as we see His invisible, heavenly  purpose being brought into visible reality on earth.

If we don't come to a decision concerning this, we will find ourselves stumbling through life, many times frustrated from not knowing whether or not we're doing things the way God wants us to, or worse, not even caring if we do because we assume the Bible doesn't have guidance and answers to all areas of life.

Secular humanism, postmodernism, nihilism, and other destructive beliefs and ideas, either don't believe there is truth or in a right or wrong way to do things. As long as the God of the Bible, as revealed in the Bible, is kept out of life and locked into church buildings, they're okay with it. But when Christians start to apply the Bible to life, they start screaming because they understand the threat associated with the fact that Jesus is Lord, and while they may not comprehend all that we're doing, they understand the implications of it.

For far too long we've aloud Satan and his followers to do as they wish on this earth, while we play along, deceived by the myth of neutrality, which we quickly find out is a lie when we start to build the kingdom of God on this earth.

We must develop alternatives to the world in all areas of life

There is no such thing as equal time for God, whether it's in business, education, politics or law. That means there is no such thing as neutrality, but only an enemy that maintains control over the world by deceiving Christians into believing God has no place in the world outside of churches.

Reinforcing this are numerous Christians who are afraid to engage with our enemies; not to only debate and refute them, but by creating alternatives to what they offer the world.

We need to develop our own distribution systems in order to prevent the gatekeepers from controlling the narrative, as they've done for so long. We need to pull our children out of the public school system and stop them from being indoctrinated into an enemy ideology that oppose most of what we believe in.

In the end, Jesus is Lord, and He's not only the Lord of eternity and heaven, He is Lord of the present and earth. That means we must take responsibility to learn His will as revealed in His word, and apply to the area of life we operate in or called to have an influence in.

Don't try to do something big at first, as we are not to despise the days of small things. Rather, seek God out for what He wants us to become experts in, and then pursue it and learn it. From there we need to start writing about it or applying it to wherever we live, work or have an influence.

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