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Monday, November 16, 2015

Rise Up O Christian Men

It is far past time for Christian men to remove the yoke of feminism and gender blending off of them; rejecting the lie of egalitarianism while embracing our masculinity.

Since men and women are totally different, the idea of saying there is no difference between the sexes has resulted in the freakish culture we have in the world today, where people insanely believe they can be a man or women by simply asserting it.

This goes back to what the Bible teaches, stating men and women are not to wear the clothes of the opposite sex. Men were required to dress like men, and women like women. Disobedience to that command comes from the attempt to blur all differences between men and women in order to force an unattainable "equality" upon them; an impossible task.

This is why so much strange behavior has emerged in this area throughout history, and why women take on mannish characteristics and men take on effeminate traits. It's the logical outcome of the pursuit of an equality that can never be achieved when we're totally different from one another.

Can a dog be equal with a cat? Of course not. Could you imagine a dog putting on cat whiskers and walking around like a cat because it thinks there is no difference between them ... and because of that they're equal? It's absurd. Yet that is what feminists in general, and many women in particular, do concerning men. How would you measure the equality between a cat and a dog? What if a dog demands he should be the one that catches the mice because of equality? What if the cat decides it's going to be the watchcat, which will meow instead of bark to chase off intruders?

Dogs should be content to be a dog and a cat should be content to be a cat. The same with men and women. A man needs to enjoy being a man as God has created him. So should women. 

Women can't be men, and we as men should never in any way want to be like a women. It's an abomination to God. Together Christian men and women represent the image of God. To consider them being equal and the same is total rebellion and rejection of God's way to reveal His nature to people.

The deliberate, horrid, dishonest and despicable assertion the Scriptures teach this come from an outright lie and fabrication. The only place men and women are talked about as being equal is in regard to salvation. Only in Christ can a man or woman be saved, and in that sense we have "equal" standing before God. It has nothing to do with function, order or authority.

We must quit allowing the world and women to emasculate us. They have no right or authority to do so, and it's wicked to attempt it.

Jesus Christ came as a man to the earth, and He displayed His masculinity in authority and power as the Son of God. We are expected and required to do the same in our specific callings and responsibilities.

We are men. No, a woman is not like us, and neither is she equal to us. The concept makes no sense because of the extraordinary differences between how God created us. It can't be measured, and thus shouldn't be pursued or sought after.

Forget about what some women try to form us into in order to rise up out of their appointed place and take authority over us, in disobedience to the scriptures.

Be the man God created you to be

Rather, be the man God has created you to be. Take some time to hang out with other Christian men and enjoy those times to bond and enjoy that type of fellowship only men can have with one another as men.

We of course enjoy and accept our Christian sisters, but on our terms as men, not on their terms of trying take away that which God has given us. I'm not saying all women do this, but many of them do, and those that refuse to submit to God's word go out and try to make feminine (not feminist) women unhappy and resentful about being the women God made them to be, in order to win them over to their ideology.

Resist this in you family, and watch over your wife, sisters and daughters in order to keep this type entryism from infiltrating you church, friends or family.

Be confident in being a man. Don't believe the deceptive pursuit of so-called equality, which has never been something God had in His heart from before creation. Also remember there are a lot of feminist men that have caved into the ideology in order to placate their mothers, wives or girlfriends. They are not friends of ours, and should be considered very suspect when we interact with them.

 Don't let anyone undermine your masculinity

Don't let anyone undermine your masculinity. It steals something that is ours to embrace, and to lose it is to lose ourselves.

Let us be bold and strong in the Lord. Let's be examples to our friends and families of what a man is supposed live and act like. Let's take up some worthy pursuits and work toward accomplishing them. Let us protect our friends and families from our enemies; ready to do what is needed to keep them safe.

We need to show and communicate with them as men, giving them confidence in our authority in their lives, and bringing them peace and contentment in a world that has gone mad.

Don't let the insanity of egalitarianism afflict your manhood or your family. Rise up O Christian men!

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